Friday, May 18, 2012

Nice week

Here we are breathing down the door of being home almost a week, and I have to say I'm relieved...surprised, but relieved.  Keegan had labs drawn Monday and Thursday.  While they could have been better, they could have absolutely been worse, and he has managed to stay off TPN for the entire week!  From the trend in the labs and how Keegan's acting and looking, I don't know how much longer he will be pump-free, but we are certainly enjoying it right now.  He needed some time to even out and see what he could do.  It certainly has been nice for all of us though to have a break this week, but we are ending it with fingers crossed and prayers said that the trend in his labs is not indicative of a looming flare or need for a blood transfusion.

A "break" unfortunately doesn't mean we haven't had the usual chocker-block full schedule of therapies and clinic appointments.  Still, we managed to have a nice week overall and have some fun at the park on our one free morning.  Sure love these precious faces smiling and enjoying themselves.


Ben and Abby said...

Great pics, Maddie. And my gosh...Keegan certainly looks like Gray in that picture!! The one of just him!!! Holy Moly. And I love the colors that you have on the kids :) Very cute, very summer-y. :)
Hope things continue to go smoothly at HOME!

Anonymous said...

Keegan looks so handsome in that picture of just him!