Monday, May 21, 2012

Farm Day

Saturday we were blessed with another fun day courtesy of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, where Keegan sees his rheumatologist and developmental pediatrician.  It was the hospital's annual Farm and Ranch Day!  We met up with my friend and Audrey's godmother, Marci, and her son, Noah, to see lots of animals, ride tractors and fire trucks, and play on the playground.  Another day of great memories with the kids!

Petting the bunnies

Freshly hatched chicks

Guns up, Noah!

"Umm, Bubby?  Are you sure you know how to drive this thing?"

BIG fire truck, little Noah

Daddy and Audrey

Petting one of the Sheriff's Departments horses, Sleepy

Mooing at a cow in the milking demonstration

Little ladybugs


I have a picture of Keegan on this very slide from almost exactly a year ago at the annual transplant picnic.  What a year it's been.

"Audee" and "Nono" - already good friends.

This picture of Marci and me is courtesy of Keegan and his new fascination with my camera.
He's pretty good!  
I'll have to do a post soon of his pictures.

Can't quite see it, but Noah had a football painted on his face.
Audrey had a ladybug on one cheek and a sparkly heart on the other.
Keegan let the girl do one stroke on his face before demanding we wash it!

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