Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's been an interesting couple of days around here.  My hives continued to worsen and spread to my face, so now Keegan's not the only one on steroids.  They do seem to be less angry today though, so hopefully the meds will nip it in the bud quickly.

Keegan has us all scratching our heads a little.  He has been running a low-grade temperature in the mid-99s every afternoon for the last three days.  Very, very unlike his usual mid-96s.  We also had to put him back on heart monitors because his heart rate has been climbing slowly and steadily.  He has been extremely pale and less energetic than usual.  His labs, however, are rather stable, except his kidney function.  The antibiotics he is on can be very harmful to the kidneys.  He was also peeing and drinking water like nobody's business the last few todays.  Today though both have taken drastic declines.  Everyone seems to feel that he would have tanked by now if he was going to do it.  You just never know with Keegan.

The round of antibiotics is over tomorrow around noon, but we will stay inpatient at least through Friday afternoon to see how he does the first 24 hours off them.  Tomorrow will also finally be our big team meeting with all the doctors at 3pm.  Discharging after that meeting seems more reasonable too, in case our care plan changes due to our decisions then.  We are thankful the transplant cardiologist today is being so cautious with these last few days.  There are no guarantees though, and if Keegan sticks to this bimonthly flare pattern, he is definitely due for another one.

So for right now, we are watching all his signs - labs, vitals, output, and activity level - probably just a little too closely.  It's so hard not to though.  We're praying that if he is brewing something that it declares itself here quickly.  Keegan's throwing us enough curve balls to feel pretty anxious at the plate.  Only time will tell, and we are trying not to get too worried.

We would really appreciate some extra prayers for Gray, me, and the entire medical team tomorrow.  We ask for clarity, wisdom, and guidance in making our decisions.  Also, we pray that everyone in attendance can act and speak in Keegan's best interest and with a true sense of collaboration and cooperation.  Thanks so much.  We will keep you updated!

Bust a move, Audrey!

Hide-n-seek in the bathroom of all places.

Happy birthday, Mamie!

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Praying for ya'll.

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