Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slowing it down

We did it! The heart transplant and rheumatology teams reacted quickly to this flare, and we slowed it down dramatically. Keegan and Gray spent all morning in the Legacy ER. We redrew labs and blood cultures. Every level we would expect to change in response to a flare did, just not severely so. Yesterday's grew back another possible contaminate, so hopefully this one will be ok. They gave him one round of IV antibiotics while in the ER to be safe. No fever since last night, and besides being ornery & tired, Keegan is really handling it really well. Thank you, thank you for all the prayers. We will head back to the ER tomorrow morning for one more set of labs to be sure, but we are so grateful for quick action by the medical team & loads of prayers that helped Keegan weather this latest storm at home.

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