Saturday, April 21, 2012


I have a fun post for tomorrow.  Some really special people have done some really special things for Keegan and Audrey due to the untimely end of our Make-A-Wish trip.  More on that tomorrow.

For tonight, could you join us in a few prayers for Keegan's tummy?  He has been really, really struggling since the last flare.  All day long, but most disturbingly, all night long.  None of us has slept more than a three hour stretch since.  We will be increasing his TPN to 5 nights per week because of all of this.  We really, really need to find a way to help him be comfortable enough to sleep overnight.  It's miserable for him, Gray, and me.

The good thing is that Audrey is still with my parents and has been able to sleep fine.  My mom brought her back to the pediatrician on Thursday as the rash continued to spread.  Our doctor said she actually had a very "impressive" and classic case of hand, foot, and mouth virus afterall.  Being that she is contagious until the rash has crusted over, she probably won't be home until Monday.  Thank God for the invention of FaceTime!

Thank you for lifting up my sweet Bug in prayer one more time.  More tomorrow!

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tbugg815 said...

Praying for a sweet tummy to be comforted...and for rest for you all. Praying little Audrey is not so "impressive!" soon re:hf&m disease. I know you need rest! Can't wait for next update... nicole alexander(Braydon's mama.)