Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo catch-up

Found some pictures from the last two months that I never had a chance to share.  Keegan is hanging in there and finding some more energy each day.  Thank you for continuing to keep him prayer.

Street golf!

Is a 9-iron the best choice for concrete, Keegan?

Setting up the stomp rocket

BD and Pops doing some Gator coaching

Stomp rocket champion

Mama and Audrey getting some Gator time

Definitely has her own opinion of fashion

A happy boy at speech therapy a few weeks ago

Trying to ride the trike.  Still can't quite make it work.

Attitude, much?

Run, Audrey, run!

Getting some playtime in at the playground at Scottish Rite hospital after a long day of appointments.

Ride'em, cowgirl!

My two little doctors

A glimpse of the future heart surgeon, Dr. Audrey

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