Sunday, April 22, 2012


Keegan and Audrey may not have been able to meet Mickey while at Disney World.

No matter.  Mickey came to them!  In three different, really sweet ways.  

On Friday, the Mouse himself showed up to visit Keegan and Audrey both!

(SHHH! Mickey is actually my cousin Ben!  Being the awesome uncle he is, Ben bought this costume for his niece, McKenna's birthday party.  When he heard that we had to come home from Keegan's Wish trip, he drove up to surprise both kids with a visit.  Such a treat!  Thanks, Ben!)

Keegan was apprehensive most of the time, but overall, he did GREAT!
A hug for Mickey!

Mission accomplished!

 "Mickey" visited Audrey at Mamie and BD's house, too.
And she was in HEAVEN!!
Mickey, it's really you!!

Our little dictator told Mickey to "sit!" and climbed right into his lap.
I don't think Mickey at WDW would have done that for her!

Thank you so much, Ben!!
You made two little kids SUPER happy, 
and we are beyond thankful.

Friday also brought a big surprise in the mail for the kids.  Gray's cousin, Wendy, had some contacts at Disneyland in California.  When she told them about the trip that wasn't, they arranged for a very, very BIG package to arrive for the kids.  Dumbo, Bambi, one of the characters from the movie Treasure Buddies, and a TON of movies, including some of the classic episodes that Keegan adores.  BIG thank you to Wendy and Chris and Karyn of Disney!!  You rock!

Now, THAT is a dog!

The last surprise came today from my sweet friend, Jenni.  She wanted to come decorate Keegan's room in the hospital with Mickey stuff, but we were lucky enough to duck out of the hospital too quickly to do that.  So she came to visit today and brought both kids some fun Mickey and Minnie items.  Audrey will come home tomorrow, and I can't WAIT to let her open her gift.  She is going to LOVE it!
Hi-fives for the coolest Mickey balloon I've ever seen.

Keegan and one of his biggest fans, Jenni.
We love you, friend! Prayers and hugs coming your way, as always.

*Quick update about the kids: Audrey's rash has dried out, so she is not contagious anymore.  She comes home tomorrow!! Yeah!!  I haven't seen her in a week.  So difficult.  Keegan slept a little more last night, despite having several bad diapers.  He wasn't as distended tonight, so we are hopeful for more improvement.  TPN will start five days per week tomorrow.  We're praying that will help the situation also.  Thank you as always for all your prayers!  Each was deeply felt.

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Stacie said...

Happy tears!!! Such sweet stories. I am so glad to hear that the Disney magic found the kids after all. Praying for you!

Much love,