Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long day...short post

Keegan had his glo-fil today.  This test requires injecting a radioactive dye through his port, drawing labs at different intervals throughout the day, and then measuring the samples to see how well Keegan's kidneys clear the dye.  The end result is a percentage of remaining kidney function.  The test went well with no hiccups.  Last year, we were dealing with his port that was unknowingly embedded in an artery, which clotted off several times during the day.  This time, the only hiccup was Keegan still not feeling well.  That will, unfortunately, be something we will have to deal with for awhile, I think.  He is very tired, is having terrible tummy pain, and still doesn't want to walk.  We're just praying he shows bits of improvement every day in his attitude, energy, and labs on Friday too.  

Relaxing and trying to stay awake.

Blood samples stacking up throughout the day.
Results should be ready by next week.

Audrey also had a big day.  
Mamie took her for a little trim at the hair salon.

A little unsure about all this.

What are you going to do to me?!

 All this for one little lop-sided curl!

But a happy, little monster by the end of the day.

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Jennifer said...

Audrey's facial expressions are priceless! Continued prayers for sweet Keegan!! What a little fighter he is - he must remember the minature boxing gloves Dwayne Corbitt brought him early on!! Hugs and prayers being sent your family's way constantly!!