Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hesitantly home

I titled this post as I did because Keegan did indeed come home this evening.  We're just a little unsure about whether or not he should be.

After a very long night of watching for pee, it finally came late morning.  He's still very "positive", meaning he's taken in more fluid by IV or mouth, than he has wasted, but his kidney numbers were fairly stable through it all.  High still but stable, nonetheless.  Most of the rest of his labs were fairly stable too.  It looks like the c.diff is about to rear it's ugly head again, but hopefully, that is something we can once again tackle at home.  Again, the risk of picking up a secondary infection inpatient while we wait it out was greater than the risk of going home.  So, here we are.  There's just something different about this time that I can't quite place my finger on that's making me uneasy.

Tomorrow, we will be back at the hospital bright and early for Keegan's glo-fil test.  This is a kidney function test that will give us an approximate percentage of remaining kidney function.  Last year, he sat square at 50%, so we'll see how such an eventful year has impacted him.  This is one area that makes us extremely nervous, so if you're not tired of praying for Mr. K just yet, we would really appreciate lifting a few up in this area.

We can't express our thanks to each and every one of Keegan's prayer warriors enough.  The Lord is surely watching over our sweet Bug.  Thank you for reminding us of that daily.  More info as we know it.

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Ben and Abby said...

Thinking of you and praying for you!!! I hope that there is some good news tomorrow!!