Friday, February 10, 2012

More of the same

Keegan does have c.diff.  Diarrhea to the n-th degree.

Audrey has been super-glued to my side for the last three days.  I'm sure the upheaval lately has her legitimately concerned we will leave her again.

Labs this morning looked mostly better.  Anemia worsening.  Not sure why yet.  Electrolytes are still awful.  Not unexpected considering the diarrhea, but it meant he had to have a second IV magnesium infusion for the week.  Considering the c.diff will likely take a long time to clear his system and that his baseline diarrhea has returned, we have an appointment next week with his GI doctor to discuss going back on TPN soon.  Hopefully, it will just be overnight a few days per week.

Audrey threw up in the car this morning.  Right as we got on the freeway to go downtown for labs.  Nothing like stopping the car on the side of the road to clean-up vomit when you are already running late and still have a 30 minute drive ahead.  So far, she has no other symptoms and is happy as long as she is doing what she wants to do.  Only time will tell if we are about to ride the virus-flare rollercoaster again.

Keegan is an emotional train wreck.  That should probably be italicized and bolded.  It could be for a plethora of reasons, but it is absolutely NO fun.  He is miserable and making the rest of us feel that way too.  Really ready to see my happy Bug again.

More of the same.  

Praying next week is where things start to turn around in this house.  I hope to get a post up about what we learned in Cinci soon.  Things have just been too crazy.  Thank you again for sticking by us.  It really makes all the difference.


Paige said...

This hurts my heart for you. Just seeing my children cry over something minor like a scraped knee really gets to me, so I know this has got to be very tough emotionally. I pray for Keegan and your family every night. You are in my thoughts often and I have added your blog button to my blog so that others can pray, too.

Ashley & Chuck said...

I agree with Paige. I never know what to say, all I know to do is to plead to the Lord on your behalf. We love you!

tbugg815 said...

Sending prayers and thoughts and love. I check your blog often for updates... And am always so amazed at how that little thing just fights and fights. You are all foot soldiers in the trenches aren't you? Blessings to you as you battle on.