Monday, January 23, 2012

Deep breath

I think we are ready to leave for Cincinnati tomorrow.  

I hope we are ready.

I keep telling myself that we will be ok, no matter what happens, but I'm not convinced of that yet.

But here we go anyway.  Lord, be with us.


Kelly said...

Just take a deep breath, and know that you have a lot of supporters ready at the helm as you take this next step and figure out where to go from here.

Thinking of you,

Kelly Marsh & Crew
HLH Friends
Sarasota, Florida

Anonymous said...

I have faith that you all will find peace. I read your blog, you all are complete strangers but you honestly give me strength.

Julie said...

Prayers for a safe journey and that you have peace as you research options and make decisions.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for clear answers, God given guidance on the next steps, and peace for every outcome. Keegan is so loved, even by people who have never met him. Safe travels and Godspeed!