Sunday, December 4, 2011

Results & pictures

Keegan did pretty well through his cath and cardiac work-up last Thursday.  His biopsy results were great - zero evidence of rejection.  His antibody levels have weakened, and his coronaries show no further damage from the antibody problems of the late spring.  All wonderful news!  We were able to come home after a 12-hour stay on Thursday.  Whew!  More labs on Friday of this week, so hopefully, the good news will continue.

 With lots of help from Gray and my sister, we got all the Christmas decorations, including the tree up this year.  I'm very thankful for dreary, rainy weather that made it easy to stay inside and get it all done.  It is such a pain to do, but I am glad we did it.  The look on Audrey's face when she awoke from her nap to see the tree decorated and lit up was priceless.  Her favorite ornament so far is our Christmas Elmo.  I put it right at her eye level because I knew it would be.  She definitely deserves the opportunity to enjoy all the decorations after not having much of a first Christmas last year.  Now, Keegan just has to stay home so we can all enjoy it together!

I realized I never posted the rest of the Thanksgiving pictures.  I don't know why this surprises me.  I promise to get this all together sometime soon.  It's just a tad overwhelming at the moment.  In order to preserve these family moments here, we will turn the clock back a week and a half momentarily.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.

Hugging...choking....all the same difference.  

Technically, this photo was from before Thanksgiving, but I had to share my little turkey with everyone.

Steroids and family photos don't mix.

Playing with Marley and Maya

Audrey and Poppy

Mark and Gray

Chum and Mamie kicking back and relaxing after a super meal.
My mom makes the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.  Just sayin'.

Big Daddy and two silly kiddos

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