Thursday, December 22, 2011

Comic relief

Audrey is 18 months old.  I know!  I can't believe it either!

This little girl is a ham-and-a-half, the comic relief in our household.  (And thank God for that, right?!)

Audrey is doing very well.  She still eats well most days and had a nice little growth spurt to show for it.  Up to 42 percentile in height!  She is sprouting her last baby tooth at this very moment.  She babbles constantly with quite a few identifiable words.  I honestly believe Audrey is a perfectionist.  Just like her walking, she is going to wait until she has down pat and just bust out with it.

Audrey is a little lovebug.  When she can tell you need a hug, she lays the best one imaginable on you...even if you didn't know you needed it.  She really loves to tackle Keegan and cover him with hugs and kisses.  He could care less, but Audrey obviously thinks it's the best thing ever.  I really wish he knew how much she loves him.

We sure love you, little Ladybug!  Thank you for keeping our days merry and bright!

(And yes, more detailed info on Keegan is coming soon.  In the midst of trying to orient ourselves in the autism world, we are still trying to manage his medical issues.  The last of the send-out labs are being run, and we are planning our first trip to Cincinnati Children's to meet with the bone marrow team there on January 25.  Merry Christmas to us, right?)

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