Friday, November 4, 2011

29 days

Guess we didn't have to wait that long to find out if Audrey really had a stomach virus or not.  Keegan started throwing up last night.  No surprise there.  The 101+ temperature this morning was different, though.  The team admitted him to the hospital this afternoon for observation, 29 days after he was discharged from the hospital in Boston.  This somewhat minor tummy bug is scary for two reasons (1) with so much immunosuppression, he can't fight it as well as Audrey did, and (2) viral exposure can cause an HLH flare.  Being that he just recovered from a flare one month ago, he is at a higher risk of another one occurring.  If it does, we will be in the tenuous position of having to suppress his immune system further to treat the HLH while he is trying to fight an infection where a healthy immune system is required.

Other than the vomiting, fever, and lethargy, Keegan hasn't acted too poorly today.  The fever broke on its own, and he hasn't thrown up since this morning.  Hasn't eaten anything all day either.  His labs weren't awful.  Kidney's not particularly happy, and his CRP (an inflammation marker) is elevated.  Still waiting on a ferritin level to come back before we make any assumptions.  If he is still doing ok tomorrow and labs are stable, we will talk about going home.  Hopefully, we are just being extra cautious and will be able to rebound as quickly as Audrey did.

Speaking of little bit, she is doing much better today.  Ate better, played better, slept better.  She and Gray are enjoying some quality father-daughter time at home tonight, as both sets of grandparents are out-of-town for the weekend.  Great timing, Keegan!

Once again, we can't possibly thank you enough for the prayers and encouragement for our Bug.  They really do help us get through every hiccup along the way.

Just because I needed a happy ending to this post.

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Hope everyone is better soon!