Monday, October 24, 2011

Wrapping up Boston

It's hard to believe that it's been almost three weeks since Keegan was discharged from Children's Hospital Boston.  I realize that I never wrapped up our pictures and final tidbits from discharge day and our final appointment day.  Here's a little love for our home away from Dallas.

Keegan's window on the cardiac floor is the second from the top on the far right.

Waiting to leave on discharge day
He was SO not happy when he realized we were actually leaving the hospital.

I think Ashleigh was quite possibly Keegan's favorite nurse.  
She was there for us on some really rough nights...and days too!

Shanda and Ricky got to say good-bye.
We missed quite a few other friends, especially Liz who also rode out some scary times with us.
You learn alot about each other when you're taking hour long turns holding pressure on a gushing wound, ya know.

The cardiac ICU.  A wonderful group of people beyond those doors.
So glad we were just across the hall when we needed them.

Kinda funny that the cardiac floors at CHB and CMCD are both on the 8th floor.
Keegan loved his room.  More than I think he has been previously attached to any other hospital room in the past, although he does get very comfortable...too comfortable.
The amazing staff on the floor held his room while he was in the ICU so he wouldn't have to adjust when he came back.
On the last day of appointments outpatient before we flew home, he was getting tired late morning and asked "number 8? Room please?"  When we got to the floor to say our goodbyes and wrap up some paperwork needed for travel, we had to keep him from running back into his old room, which was of course being occupied by another kiddo by that time!

In the cab leaving the hospital on discharge day.  
"No leave hospital, Mama!"  Keegan could not understand why we were so happy to be going!

Our awesome cardiologist, Dr. Blume.
She loves Keegan so much.  Leaving her and the simply amazing transplant team at CHB was absolutely the hardest part of coming home.  
Wish we had a picture with the whole team! 

The ones that finally put Keegan's puzzle together!
Dr. Henderson and Dr. Sundel, the rheumatology team (and Dr. Kim too!).
Words fail me when I try to explain how blessed we were to have them on our side, along with the hematology team.  How do you thank someone for saving your child's life?
And Dr. Sundel also has the rare honor of getting Keegan to eat a lollipop for the first time.
Took him a month, but I think he had two at that last appointment!

Keegan's favorite activity in the hospital - throwing coins in the waterless "pond" in the lobby.

Daddy and Keegan in front of the Bippity Ball Machine in the lobby, another favorite.
As loud as that thing is, there is something about the cadence of those balls bouncing, whoosing, and pinging that is reassuring and calming, even on the worst days.

Mama and Keegan

After lunch in the garden 

Thank you to each and every CHB doctor, nurse, and staff member that cared for Keegan.
The words are wholly inadequate to describe how desperately grateful we are for your compassion, expertise, and dedication.  We are forever indebted...yet again.

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