Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

In preparation for Halloween, we hit up the pumpkin patch at Storybook Ranch last week.

Back in the saddle again

Audrey's first pony ride

Hay maze

Audrey and Ms. Kelley, Gage and Ainsley's mom.  
Audrey became very good friends with Kelley and Abby while we were gone.  I love that!

Bounce house fun

 This ladybug L-O-V-E-S bounce houses! 

 For Halloween, Keegan was a heart surgeon (Dr. G, specifically), and Audrey was a pig.  Their costumes were a tad thrown together, since I didn't have much time to prepare.

Dr. Harrison with his nurse.
He has Harvard Medical School scrubs, Gray's hospital badge, and a real surgical cap to boot!
My costume was the best ever - scrub pants & a tshirt!  Sweet.

So Gray was the farmer to Audrey's pig.  
This is the only picture with her hood on.  Despised it.  Sigh.

Aunt Alex joined the fun.

Abby hosted the pre-trick-or-treating neighborhood party this year.  I started it last year to bring the kids together for good fun and food.  I think it will become a tradition to hand it off to a different person each year.  It has definitely outgrown our little house.  Thanks for hosting, Abby!  It was GREAT!

Oh, the bounce house!

Being a surgeon for Halloween conveniently camouflages your need to wear a mask.

Alex was a "flamingo dancer"...get it? Flamenco/flamingo!  Clever sister, that one.

Audrey with her princess mentors - Lainey (as a character from Barbie Princess Charm School and Ainsley as Snow White).


The ghost cake and the cute mummy pretzels Alex made.

BD and Audrey

Trick or treat!
Keegan and Daddy, Ainsley, Gage, and Landry

Dani, Lauren, Paulina, Ava, Keegan, Dylan, and Gage
Keeg only lasted a few houses, and he really didn't understand what was going on, despite the many repeated views of "Mickey's Halloween Treat".  We were just happy to have him home and participating a little bit!

And a little piggy ready for bath taking off with her farmer's hat! 

We hope everyone had a good, safe, and fun Halloween!  Keegan is doing ok.  We are going forward with his steroid wean starting tomorrow on a weekly basis, so this is where things could get dicey.  It will take almost 4 months to safely get him off the steroids.  So frustrating because we are beyond ready to say good-bye to them.  I want to see my precious boy's face well as a sunnier disposition.  I do promise to get a better medical post up soon.  Thank you for your prayers over the weekend for Keegan. He isn't necessarily doing better, but he is not any worse.  Hopefully the changes we have seen are steroid-related.  Big transplant appointment tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for a good report!

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Lauren said...

So cute! Nice to see everyone together and having fun!