Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun in Boston

This afternoon, we headed to a place that absolutely makes me, the germaphobic mother of an immunosuppressed child, shake with fear...Boston Children's Museum.  In the end, I hope that our reliance on masks, hand sanitizer, and fervent prayers for Keegan's safety were sufficient to protect him because oh boy, did he have fun!  Thanks to Keegan's medication schedule and Gray's attempt to work from the hotel room, we were able to capitalize on the half-price-admission-after-4pm deal and limit Keegan's exposure to one hour.  But trust me, it was an action-packed hour!



Shooting hoops with Daddy

Water table.  His shoes were SOAKED!

Arthur's kitchen

Workin' the Bobcat in the construction zone

Cars and trucks

Master architect

Peas in a pod

The fun food stand outside the museum.  Hood is a dairy, much like Borden or Schepp's back home.

After the museum, we stopped by a playground near the hospital.  This playground is where Keegan suffered his first skinned forehead back in 2009.

We ended the evening with dinner at Matt Murphy's Pub.  A lovely neighborhood pub where Gray happened to sneak in one night the first week we were in Boston looking for a football game.  He didn't find one, but he did find some awesome, caring people in the owner and bartender (leave it to Gray, right?  Never found a stranger!).  They listened to Keegan's story and were genuinely caring and supportive.  When we returned with Keegan in tow tonight, they treated us like family.  A big thanks to Siobhan and Doug!

Tomorrow will be whirlwind of labs and appointments.  Praying Keegan gets the all clear to return home...especially since we just bought airline tickets.  There are still a lot of "game-changer" labs pending, but at this point, it's time to go home while we wait on those pieces of information to fall into place.  Thank you for your support through all of this.  We've really enjoyed the last 5 days outpatient in Boston.  Thank God for Audrey and family...Boston would be near impossible to leave without them!


Ben and Abby said...

Love, love, love all the pictures of him out and about and happy. It's so great to see him feeling well enough to do normal kid stuff. Miss y'all!! Looking forward to seeing you when you get home. Your house looks great and is ready for y'all!!

Ashley & Chuck said...

Wow! That looks like lots of fun! I've loved all the pictures of the memories you've made with Keegan over the past few days. Lots of prayers will be lifted up for you all tomorrow!

Becky Cudlipp said...

Loving seeing Keegan out doing fun stuff and not in the hospital!

Sean, Chelle and Carter Cates said...

Awesome pictures. I can feel the love and excitement. Children's Museum was Carter's favorite. Glad the NE/Boston hospitality was in full effect, too. You both are too social to not meet great people and make fast friends. Praying today was greenlight to head home. Miss y'all! Love y'all - The Cates Family 3 - Sean, Chelle and Carter