Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday photos

Today was our first "free" day in Boston - outpatient and no appointments at the hospital, much to Keegan's dismay.  He was a very unhappy camper yesterday until we pulled up to the hospital.  His frown turned upside down, and he practically skipped inside.  You could tell the familiarity instantly took a weight off his shoulders.  The port reaccess that followed quickly thereafter changed all that for a bit though!  I wonder what people think we do to him at home that makes the child scream and holler "no go home" when we leave the hospital.

We didn't want to push Keegan too much today.  We got our Legal Sea Foods fix for lunch, hit up a farmer's market in Copley Square, and wrapped up with a visit to see the Ducklings in the Public Garden.  A walk down Newbury Street capped it all off.  Not too shabby.  I do wish Keegan felt better on these outings.  He is an emotional wreck from the steroids (still on an extremely high dose, the same as the 4-week mini-pulse in June).  His belly is horribly distended, and he complains about it alot.  He also has very little energy and still struggles with stiff joints.  But we are making the best of it.  I think tomorrow we are going to rent a car and drive to an apple orchard outside of town for the day.

A few pictures to wrap up this post.  I have tried to write updates during the day, but things have just been too nonstop lately.  By the time I sit down at night, my brain has reached it's bottom-of-the-barrel productivity rates.  One day, I will get it all together again!  I still need to post pics and details from discharge day too.  

38 days after I sat at Legal waiting for Keegan and Gray to arrive in Boston

Keegan and Mrs. Mallard, back together again!

A beautiful day in the Public Garden for a nap

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