Monday, September 26, 2011

Ladybug Goes to School

I'm just a touch behind in posting about it, but Audrey has been going to "school" or Mother's Day Out while we have been gone.  The doctors at home thought sending Audrey to school was too much of an infection-risk for Keegan while we were all living together.  Since Keegan is not around her at the moment though, Mamie has been taking her twice a week, and it sounds like she's having a blast.  Audrey is attending the program at a local church where Keegan went last year for a few months, where many of our friends attend.  We love the staff there, and they are taking such great care of her for us!  She's doing art projects, singing songs, playing with other kids (a first!), learning new words, and getting lots of socialization.

First day of Mother's Day Out
Super excited to find Angel Baby in her "school bag"!

Luckily, the last day we were home was the first day of school.
I had to be at the hospital with Keegan most of the day.
We chose to not take her ourselves, so she would have some consistency with Mamie bringing her the following weeks.

Taking a ride in the buggy around school.
Her teacher and the administrative staff have been taking pictures to email to us, so Gray and I don't feel like we're missing as much.

"Washing" cows with paint.

The finished cow.  Audrey's first true art project.

Enjoying an after-school snack after a long day!

Overall, Audrey is doing very well.  She is developmentally on target and still eats like an absolute horse.  Wonder where she gets that?  Ironic because Keegan, at 4 years old, is just now eating pureed food and dry, simple crackers, but Audrey, at 15 months old, can eat more than me some days.  She is still a tiny little thing though, weighing in at just 21 pounds.  Audrey still lacks the confidence to walk independently but will go forever holding one finger.  I can't believe that the day I get to see her again, she will likely walk right into my arms.

Audrey has been a little fish in Mamie & BD's pool and swims or plays outside every chance she gets.  When Alex and I were little, we went straight from bed to the pool most mornings, eating our cereal from the side of the pool.  Audrey does the same whenever she can, and that makes me so happy.  She absolutely loves to dance - no matter what else she happens to be doing!  She seems to have a particular love of Maroon 5.  We were video chatting with her, and my dad had the radio on in the background.  In the middle of talking and playing, she heard the beat to "Moves Like Jagger" and busted out with her signature shoulder shake, lovingly called "the Audrey".  Too cute!  

Playing with her BBQ by the pool after a morning swim.

I wish I could give more details about my adorable Ladybug, but I feel terribly out of the loop when it comes to her.  She also went to the zoo this weekend for the first time with Aunt Alex, Mamie, and Big Daddy.  Keegan has never even been to the zoo.  I will try for a post with some of the pictures from that soon.  We video chat with her constantly, but it is no substitute for loving and squeezing on her.  I can't believe how much Audrey has grown just in the last month, and I'm so excited for her.  I left her still very much a baby.  There is no doubt that she is now a precious and precocious little toddler.

Keep getting bigger, stronger, and smarter, Miss A.  We miss you so much more than words can express.  We can't wait to wrap our arms around you again.  Love you, love you.


hughesfamily said...

I found your blog and have been following you for a while. This blog post was so sweet; I love following your precious family and think of you all every day.

Linda McElreath said...

I just happened to visit Miss Audrey at your mom and dad's yesterday afternoon. What an animated, adorable little girl! Every one of her darling facial expressions tell a story. She is a much loved little princess! Constantly praying for the 3 of you while you are away from her.

Cody said...

So happy to hear that Bug is stable & moving in a forward direction... YAHOO!

Love the pictures of LadyBug, and your childhood memories. I can just see her shoulder shaking to "Moves like Jagger". Too funny, waiting for the U-Tube link ;)

Aunt Alex said...

I think we can clearly call that "cow" a longhorn! Hook 'em, Miss A!