Friday, August 12, 2011

Surprise! It's a fever.

Ok, so no one is really surprised, but Keegan's fever is back again. This is the 5th fever since we started the steroid pulse. Aside from the three week break at the beginning of the pulse, this is the 9th consecutive, weekly "mystery" fever. We have supported him at home so far today, but he is hanging at 100.5 right now. Looks like a long night ahead. I will post more tomorrow hopefully about our appointments from this week. However, I think our doctors here are at their limits with the fevers. Today they decided not even to draw blood cultures, as we have taken way too much blood for other labs already this week. Better get some sleep while I can. Thank you, once again, for prayers for our big Bug through all this.

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Ashley & Chuck said...

All of my RSS feeds have been messing up and your last blog post I received with it was July 18th! WOW! I've been thinking that you haven't been blogging much (as if I can talk)! I have been keeping up with your FB posts though and there isn't a day that I do not think and pray for you guys. Now I'm caught up on all the details. I hope and pray that you can get some answers soon. Give your two sweeties hugs and kisses from me!