Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random cuteness

I found some pictures from the last few months that I hadn't had the opportunity to share.
A little random cuteness from the Bug and Ladybug to make you smile!

This was the week before the big surgery to remove Keegan's port from the subclavian artery.
Compare this photo to the most recent ones at the bottom of the post.  Heartbreaking.

A favorite pastime - laundry basket rides!
Gray was rear-ended on his way to the hospital one morning in May.  Last month, he finally had his car repaired.  The only rental left (uh-huh) was a Dodge Challenger.  Gray got Keegan to start calling it the "muscle car" and show his muscles whenever he said it.  Gray enjoyed the car while it lasted, but I dare say Keegan enjoyed it just a smidge more!

A tea party with the Ladybug

A play-dough party with Keegan and Big Daddy

Oh, and don't forget the ever-present Mr. Potato Head at the play-dough party!

Adorable Alfalfa post-nap hair

The Miss As having a laugh

It is fair to say we have a slight attachment to Angel Baby.  She even joins us for snacks.

"To the tree, BD!" - Keegan cannot leave my parents' house without "climbing" the tree out front.
Whatever makes you happy, Buggy!

And Audrey can now "touchdown" with the best of them!

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Jennifer said...

We all know Keegan is loved by so many.... You can't help but love that sweet boy and it's clear everyone in your family and friend circle does. BUT, nothing touches me more than seeing pictures with him and your dad. It's so obvious there's a special kind of bond there. Precious.