Thursday, August 4, 2011


Because I don't feel like an update, and I know some people (*AHEM!!*) are waiting ever so patiently...

I offer you some momentary placation:

And maybe, just maybe, I needed a smile myself.  She does a pretty good job on both accounts, no?

A full update will follow, but a few brief points from this week so far:

  • Keegan has not had a "fever" but rather several days of strange temperature fluctuations.  Random and unnerving but manageable.
  • Long day at the hospital downtown on Wednesday for PICC line dressing change, labs, port re-access for more heparin, and nebulizer treatment.
  • VERY unnerving labs from this week and many prayers that they are an anomaly.
  • Port issues from the access at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders have raised concern once again, so Keegan will have an ultrasound of his chest tomorrow in hopes we can figure out what's going on.
  • Still no intestinal biopsy results!!  (ARGHHH!)
  • Big conference meeting with GI next Monday and immunology on Wednesday....possibly involving plans to leave the hot-as-friggin'-heck-state-of-Texas soon.
  • Our friend, Rylynn, is hanging in there with her Berlin heart while she waits on her own miracle.  Please continue to lift her up in prayer.  If you want to see more of precious Ry, check out next week's episode of Children's Med!!  Another sweet friend, Caydence, will also be featured next week.  It airs at 7:30pm on WFAA, Channel 8, in Dallas.  Episodes will reair on Children's Facebook and Youtube:
  • HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, KINGSLEY!! Keegan's donor's little brother, Kingsley, turned 2 today.  We hope your day was extra special and pray all the Lord's blessings on you in the coming year!!  We are so very thankful that your birth finally brought our families together.  You are a beautiful child of God, little one!
  • Daddy's birthday is Saturday.  Praying Keegan stays home and stable through this next major holiday in our family.  Oh, and that Daddy has a great birthday!  ;)
  • More soon...including the first drop-off of Ladybug Bows!  Thank you, as always, for your continued prayers for Keegan.

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Julie said...

What a sweet picture!

Praying for all of you.