Monday, August 22, 2011

Care Calendar update

Dear Family and Friends of the Harrison Family,

 We have decided that it will be extremely beneficial if we extend the Care Calendar to resume providing meals for the Harrisons.  As we mentioned before, our family is well aware that having meals provided even when home from the hospital proves to be a fantastic way to provide relief.  After all, once home, all care rests on the parents and trying to even think about preparing meals can be a daunting task.      

You may sign up at  In Calendar ID, enter 82405 and in Security Code, enter 8772.  Meals will begin Tuesday, August 23rd and continue every other day through Sunday, September 4th.  Please click on the day on which you would like to provide a meal for the Harrisons and sign up at the bottom of the page for that day.  If the date still says “MEALS”, it is still open.  Please bring meals between 4 and 6 PM, but keep in mind that the family is unable to eat until around 8:00 PM, due to Keegan’s scheduling needs. 

I know that Gray, Maddie, Keegan and Audrey appreciate your support through encouragement, prayers and messages on this website.  Let’s extend that love further by doing something little to make a big difference!  

Thank you,

Paul, Angie and Avery Grace Akeman     

*Many thanks to the Akemans for wanting to continue this care calendar for meals.  Many, MANY thanks for the meals so far.  They are right that eating is usally last on our list these days.  Taking that off our plate, no pun intended, certainly lightens the load.  If we leave home before this calendar ends, we will keep y'all updated for sure. 

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