Monday, August 15, 2011


I wish I was ready to write a post about last week and our plan (or lack there of at this time), but honestly, Gray and I just had an opportunity to really hash it all out between ourselves last night.  We were too preoccupied with the latest fever this weekend to have time to process it all.  This fever cycle was very difficult.  We managed to keep Keegan home throughout it, but there were about 15 times throughout Saturday night into Sunday morning where we were ready to throw in the towel and head to the ER.  We really should have brought him in for labs today.  However, I was terrified of the results.  Looking at him, we could tell his albumin and possibly his hemoglobin levels were low.  I didn't want to end the day inpatient today though.  Despite physical appearances and lethargy, he otherwise looked about the same as usual.  I made the executive decision to wait it out until his regularly scheduled labs on Wednesday.  I pray that was the right one.

We are all exhausted from the weekend.  I don't know how Keegan is expected to keep this up every week.  I don't know how any of us can keep this up.  We are waiting to hear the initial impressions from immunology on the first set of labs drawn last week and hopefully have the opportunity to talk to our main transplant cardiologist.  Still, it is time to start calling around and seeing who might want to see Keegan and how to make it happen logistically, i.e. inpatient or outpatient.  Then, we will try to make the best decision we possibly can for our family.  I promise to get more detailed information up soon!  No, really this time!  

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Stacie said...

Thanks for the update, Maddie. Praying for you all as well as any doctors that are (or should be) on Keegan's team. Hang in there!!

Much love,
Stacie Smith