Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wheelin' Around

Goodness, this girl!  She is light years faster on this just over the last few days.  She even slides out as she takes corners.  Audrey may be fearless on this little wheely ladybug, but confidence is a severe issue on her own two feet.  Today she stood freely on her own in the middle of the kitchen when I set her down.  After about 30 seconds of rock solid stance, I thought I could try to snap a phone picture.  In those 5 seconds of fumbling with my phone, she decided to put her hands down on the ground, but her head quickly followed.  Face plant right into the tile.  Yeah....that one's gonna leave a mark.

When she is feeling good and on a roll though, I dare say we have the makings of a little diva on our hands...

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