Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh my GOSH

Ended up in the ER this evening with Keegan again.  His port (that is not being used) started to turn purple and swell under the skin today.  Literally looks like it is about to pop straight out of his skin.  Quite worried about it when you consider the fevers he has had through this morning.  ER thought it was once again a result of poor wound healing from steroids.  Need to keep a very close eye on it for more swelling in case it starts to bleed into his lung.  Great.  Will follow up on it in clinic tomorrow.

Air conditioning is giving out.  As I type.  Both kids have been asleep too long to wake them up.  Money we probably don't have to fix it.  Just praying it's fixable when this freakin' repairman finally shows up.

Oh my GOSH.  Admit me to the asylum or poor me another glass of wine.  Really.


Mama K said...

I found your blog from a friend of a friend....think of y'all often and Mama, you definitely deserve a glass of wine!!!

scrippe1 said...

Poor things. In the future when your a/c goes out, call your cousin Samantha. Her father-in-law own's Wolverton Heat & Air where her hubby works. I'm sure that they would be willing to go out there and take care of that for you and I bet I can come up with some things to trade to keep you from having a bill.

Regarding the wine, if it were me in your situation, a glass wouldn't be enough.

We all wish we could help more.


Becky Cudlipp said...

Oh, Maddie, I wish there was something we could do to help you. I would pay for the repair myself, but unfortunately, my husband was laid off 2 weeks ago. Hang in there; so many people are praying for you.

Julie said...

Oh my, you deserve another glass or bottle of wine. So wish there was more I could do for you. Praying for you.