Monday, July 25, 2011

Makin' Music

I was finally uploading the last few months of photos to print today and found this little video from May from one rare day that Keegan was not in the hospital.  Thought I would share, since it brought a smile to my face.  My two kiddos makin' music together.  Keegan wore this same outfit today.  It was incredible to see the difference the steroids have made.  I'm so ready to see this precious face again.

You may have seen our little tweet over the weekend that Keegan randomly told Audrey he loved her on Saturday.  They were playing while Gray and I cleaned up a bit, and we overheard, "oh hey, Aw-duh-wee, wuv you."  My heart completely stopped.  I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life, and I will remind Audrey of it for the rest of hers.  Keegan has never said that to anyone unprompted before, not me or Gray, not even his beloved Big Daddy.  Who knows if we will ever hear it again?  A little man of few words is our Bug.  It absolutely made so much of the last few years' struggles worth it.  Keegan, we "wuv" you!  Always.


LaMonica said...

What a beautiful video and what mazing words Keegan shared with Audrey!!!!

The Millers said...

It's evident from the video that she "wuvs" him too!! So sweet!