Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Baaaack...

Keegan's fever.  It's back.  Ugh.

Last night for several hours, Keegan would momentarily start crying and moaning in his sleep, intermittently saying "help, Daddy!"  I think it just about completely broke Gray's heart.  It was hard to turn off my mama instinct that something was up.  And I was right.  His temp was 98.9 when he woke up, but his entire body seemed to glow red.  I watched his temp climb until late morning when it finally hit the magic 100.5 number (when blood cultures are required to be drawn if you have a central IV line or are a transplant patient).  He had no energy whatsoever and spent almost the entire day on the couch.  We had the blood cultures and other labs drawn around 2:30pm at the hospital.  Around 4:30pm, his fever came down on it's own, and he finally got up to play.

The plan is to support him through this fever cycle like before unless the cultures actually grown back something.  I sure hope we can.  Maybe this will come and go, but it sure looks very similar to the pattern of the cyclical fevers from a month ago.

It looks like a long night ahead for both children.  I will be very surprised if Keegan isn't up and febrile at some point.  And then there's Audrey.  Oh my goodness - break my heart and test my patience at the same time.  I don't even know where to start with her.  I think she needs some good old fashioned sleep training at this point, but honestly, she has been so disrupted the last few months that I have a hard time not just giving in to her.  I feel like she probably needs to know that we have not completely abandoned her.  Tonight it took 2 hours, but she's finally asleep.  I just really hope she stays that way, especially if Keegan doesn't.

Some pictures to tide you over...none of Keegan because he has a complete meltdown when you focus a camera on him.  These are just phone pics, but they will do!

Gray and I have a dream of seeing Keegan ride a bike one day.  He absolutely, positively refuses.  He will sit on them sometimes but will NOT pedal to save his life.  So, Audrey helped us pick out a "balance bike" for Keegan (not the pink one, that's the floor model!) that has no pedals.
Still no luck...yet.  Fingers still crossed for one day.

This was Saturday morning.  Chillin' on the couch with Angel Baby and her cup of cereal.
After she was up for 3 hours in the middle of the night.
After Gray finally drove her around for an hour.
Still got up normal time in the morning ready to go.
But she's awfully cute...kinda makes it all better, no?

We would really appreciate your prayers for Keegan tonight and tomorrow as we possibly face another one of the fevers that have been so hard on him.  We'll just see where this takes him and pray that God knows the path better than we do.  

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Julie said...

Praying for Keegan and all of you. May you have a break from the fevers and get a chance to have some good rest.