Monday, July 18, 2011


A little update...really little...for those of you who might have seen the last tweet that Keegan was in the ER with a bleeding PICC and might be wondering what happened.

  • Noticed yesterday evening that Keegan's PICC dressing was saturated in blood, after he had been itching at and complaining about it throughout the day.
  • His line is just barely in a sufficient spot near his heart to be used for TPN (determined via yet another chest xray).
  • The PICC team did not want to risk losing the line by replacing the bloody dressing, so we came home last night.
  • Spoke with Keegan's GI doctor today.  He is very concerned about Keegan's line and doesn't want to wait until Thursday at a standard dressing change appointment for something to happen and have to take Keegan to Interventional Radiology in an emergent situation.  Good thinking.
  • So, he has contacted the interventional radiologist that placed the line to schedule Keegan to have his PICC reinserted while under anesthesia probably on Wednesday.  Disappointing.
  • Gets interesting when the radiologist says she is nervous about that because she had an extremely difficult time placing the line.  More interesting considering Keegan's surgeon had a "not-a-more-difficult-placement-in-15-years" time getting the (now bruising from the inside out) port in.
Not sure where that leaves us at this point.  This is the second week of the steroid wean.  The swelling and weight has not started to reduce fact, he looks awful.  He has started to say a lot of nonsensical things lately, which has us quite concerned.  We are going to stay the course for now and keep our fingers crossed for a good week.  We will see if the fever comes back tomorrow.  As always, we couldn't be more appreciative of your prayers and support for our Bug.  I hope to sneak some pictures tomorrow to share!


Melissa said...

I have been praying constantly for your little man every since your story was shared with me about a month ago.

scrippe1 said...

Thanks so much for the update. I know how hard it is to find the time to let us know what is going on.

Love to all,

Tari Anne said...

Prayers for the Bug and for you guys...can't wait to see the pics...even if he is not feeling good, he's still a cute lil' peanut! :) XO