Sunday, June 5, 2011

Surgery & a birthday tomorrow

Keegan's fever that first spiked late Friday night finally broke, just as it has every single weekend, around 3pm this afternoon.  His blood cultures will be negative for 48 hours overnight tonight, so we will proceed as planned with surgery tomorrow at 10:15am to place a new port.  While under anesthesia, he will also have a repeat MRI done of his brain and an eye exam.  The first mystery fever spiked about 48 hours after the mini-stroke he had at the end of March.  We are going to repeat the brain MRI to make sure that the bad port didn't throw anything else off that is in his head and causing these cyclical fevers.  The eye exam goes hand-in-hand with the brain MRI.  It is highly unlikely that we will find anything, but we are still trying to rule absolutely everything we can out.  Doing it at the same time of the surgery will be one less round of general anesthesia for Keegan.

Obviously, tomorrow will be a big day for Keegan with these procedures.  But it's a pretty big day for someone else in our family too.

In just two short hours, my little Ladybug is going to be ONE!!

So, if you would feel so inclined, I'd love for you to join us in prayer for both these precious kiddos.  For Keegan's safety and clarity and sure hands for his surgeons.  For Audrey to know how much we love her, miss her, and treasure her as a daughter and sister.  This should be her very special day, not like this at all.

These last six months have been rough for our little family.  I hate that it will likely be this way for some time.  I pray that my children are stronger than I give them credit for.  That they will continue to astonish me with their resilience, courage, strength, and love.  They make every single day worth it. 


Ashley & Chuck said...

Happy Birthday, Audrey!! You are a beautiful little girl and I know you love your brother and Mommy & Daddy with all your heart!

Stay strong, Keegan!! We are praying for you, buddy!

bedazzled said...

Happy happy birthday Audrey! what a beautiful little girl

The Millers said...

Looks like she loves spending time with Keegan, wherever it may be! Hope she has a great 1st birthday and praying you guys are home in time for her party :)