Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ready or not...

Today is Audrey's birthday party.  In just one more hour.  Unfortunately, Keegan spiked another fever last night.  103.2.  It may not be too surprising, but it is certainly disappointing. 

We took him to the ER at 3:30am for labs and blood cultures.  They gave him a dose of IV tylenol that helped bring his temp down briefly.  Per our previously agreed upon plan, we then were discharged home around 6am to watch him from home without IV antibiotics.  Since we got home, he has spiked back up to 103 and has not come down past 100.5 with oral tylenol.  (He cannot have advil because of his kidney issues.)  The team said we do not have to bring him into the hospital until we feel that he needs more support, i.e. a cooling blanket or IV tylenol.  It sure looks like that's the direction we are heading.

But for now, it's time to celebrate one brave little girl's birthday.  In decked-out ladybug style.  I can't wait to share pictures of all the work my mom has done to help make this day extra special.  Unforutnately, Keegan will be spending the party in bed, but we are going to push to get through this afternoon at least.  We really would appreciate your prayers for Keegan and his team of doctors at this point.  I think we're all just about at the brink with all of this.  We will update again later.  Right now, it's party time.

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