Sunday, June 26, 2011

Picture catch-up

We are still at home.  A weekend at home together.  It was nice to be able to say that again.  Keegan has been home for four whole days, and we're hoping to stay here for a little bit at least.  He has his good moments throughout the day.  It could be worse, but it could be lightyears better too.  

I will give a full medical update very, very soon.  Probably in a few different posts because there is a lot of information to digest.  Keegan's next echo will be on July 7th.  We would really, really appreciate any and all prayers for him to stay at home through then at least!  

I realized that the last several posts had no pictures, so tonight, it's time to catch up with a few.  I don't have many, or many good ones at that, but hopefully, you will forgive me when you see these sweet faces.  More of Audrey than Keegan because he hasn't exactly felt like having his picture taken lately.

Music therapy always makes him happy.

Our friend, Brady, came to visit in the hospital the other week.  Unfortunately, Keegan had to spend a little extra time in the PACU that day coming out of his colonoscopy and missed him.  Audrey got some pretty good kisses and hugs from Brady and gave some too!  Heehee!

I have way too many pictures of Audrey eating.  Maybe, just maybe, it's because it just amazes me to see a little bit like her pack it way.  Or maybe it's those cute faces she makes.  It's a draw.

Getting some lovin' from Aunt Alex last week.  Alex and a lot of our friends who are nurses and staff members are down at the yearly summer camp for kids with heart defects, Camp Moss.  They always have a great time.  We're praying that everyone has tons of fun and stays safe in the heat this year!

Mischief....with a capital M.  It's the red hair.  Predisposition to mischief.

How do you make Mama and Daddy laugh at night when Keegan's in the hospital?
Have Big Daddy text them pictures of your post-bath faux hawk, of course.

Eating her cereal and drinking her milk while watching 'toons.  Such a big girl.

Very intently watching the 'toons, I might add.
Poor thing has developed a SEVERE case of separation anxiety due to all the back-and-forth.
She woke up completely beside herself around 10pm on Friday night and could NOT calm down.  I ended up putting her in the car and just driving until she fell asleep....all the way to Prosper and back.  Hope this stage ends quickly.  Gas prices are too high for that right now!

Keegan was feeling pretty rough on Friday night before bed.  He only perked up when we offered a wagon ride.  Since then, he has asked for one every night, and we are happy to do it if it makes him feel better.  Wish he was running in front of it instead of riding, but hey, it's sunshine, fresh air, and some quality brother-sister time at home.  We'll take it!

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Andrea Riojas said...

Sooo happy ya'll are home! Hope it stays that way for a bit!