Monday, June 13, 2011

Ladybug's First Birthday Party

I would say Audrey's first birthday party was really wonderful.  We were all so happy to be together, and she just absolutely was the star of the show.  I wish Keegan had felt better and been able to enjoy himself.  All in all though, we were just so thankful for the opportunity to really celebrate Audrey's birthday with our family and Audrey's godparents, especially since Keegan ended up being admitted to the hospital again overnight.  

We obviously had a ladybug themed party.  My mom and sister really went all out getting it ready and adding some amazing little touches.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping create a party that was so perfect for our Ladybug!  We've already collected quite a few hairbows to donate to the hospital in honor of Audrey.  She received some really fun gifts, including a play stroller and doll cradle from Mama, Daddy, and Keegan, and a rocking chair that was mine as a child.  The highlight of the party was by far watching Audrey tear into that cake.  So fun to watch!  And such a change from our previous cake experiences!  If you haven't seen the video of Audrey dancing in excitement at the thought of her very own cake, scroll down and watch!  You won't want to miss it!

This little girl is such a light to our lives.  
We love you, Miss Audrey!  Happy 1st Birthday!!

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Ben and Abby said...

SO cute!!! Love all the details. Love that your mom told me it was going to be just a simple party! Lol! :) Martha - you and Alex did an outstanding job!! Come plan my kids' parties anytime. :) What a beautiful layout and I love all the details!!! Just fabulous. Maddie, I'm praying for sweet Keegan. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hope that this new week brings some new plans and answers. xoxo.