Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ladybug Bows

For every one of Keegan's birthday parties, we've done some sort of fundraising in lieu of asking for gifts.  The first year, we collected hundreds of books to donate to the newly opened library at the Children's Legacy campus.  We donated 3 wagons to the hospital for Keegan's second birthday, and last year, we collected almost $500 in donations for both Children's Medical Center Dallas and Children's Hospital of Boston.

When we first planned Audrey's birthday party, I didn't want to do anything "in lieu" of because she was not the one benefiting from services at the hospital.  I figured she deserved her own party and gifts until she was old enough to tell us otherwise.

Then, I had an idea.  A hairbow drive.  Because don't you know my Ladybug loves her bows!

They don't have to be expensive, and they're easy to find.  Heck, my grocery store actually has a nice little selection!  So, we will be collecting hairbows in honor of Audrey's first birthday to pass out to baby girls in the cardiovascular ICU and transplant programs at Children's.  When your baby is very sick, you can't always put clothes on them.  But boys have their hats, and little girls have their bows.  And if you're a new mommy, anything you can do to let your baby know you love them means a lot...especially if they're fighting for their life.

So, if you would like to spread some Ladybug love to baby girls in the hospital, we would love to accept your hairbow donation.  If you know us personally, drop one or two (or a few) off at our house or with one of our family members (since we may very well be at our "second" home instead these days).  If you are not close or would like to mail it to us, shoot us an email at  We will send you the contact information for you to drop one in the mail.  Or if you'd like someone else to make it for you or want one that looks just like the ones Audrey wears, let me know that too.  My friend, Stephanie, at Patie Cakes can fill an order for you.  Bows do not need to be wrapped.  We will put them in individual packages with a note of encouragement to the receiving family before we deliver them to the hospital.

Thank you so much for helping us honor our Ladybug by bringing some sunshine to families during a difficult time.  We can't wait to see all the beautiful bows for beautiful babies!

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