Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep Truckin'

Good Evening All… Welcome to your first ever guest host on Miracle of the Heart… I’ll be your host, Gray (and after that intro… this will probably be the last time I am asked to host…). My lovely wife, Maddie, wanted to put a post up but let time get away from her… and decided to go home (after some prompting from me because she needs the rest… nod if you agree). I was honored and slightly intimidated to take her place (alright, way more then slightly)… Since writing has become one of her many new life callings… These are big shoes to fill. Just like this blog… she really does do a beyond an amazing job at everything she attempts… I’m way out of my league and very blessed to have her… (love you honey).

So… back to the business at hand. I guess to sum up how today went… I’d have to say “well.” Nothing too dramatic happened today and we seemed to make some progress on the scheduling side with Keegan’s up coming events. It look like we are indeed locked in for the second Cath procedure of the day on Friday. This will be his full annual heart catheterization work up with some additional angiogram testing. We’ve been trying to get this test preformed ever since we noticed his blood pressures have been elevated. We have also wanted this test once we found out that he indeed show positive for two donor antibodies. This will not only let us know where he is from a transplant/rejection standpoint but will also shed some more light on his artery architecture for the up coming central line placement.

We haven’t locked down a time for the line placement yet. The soonest we can hope to have the line placed would be Monday of next week. We are waiting for the surgeon who has worked with Keegan in the past to get up to speed on his latest and to give him a good once over. I have to admit that Maddie and I have really been impressed and pleased with the amount of effort that everyone is putting in on behalf of Keegan. There seems to be a real urgency to help and keep positive momentum on his progress while he is stuck being inpatient (hats off to Keegan’s “People”… you know who you are…).

Today we did get some visitors (although I did leave today to get some work done)… Martha was nice enough to bring Audrey and her parents, Francis and CM Morris (or Chum and Poppie as most of us know them) to see Keegan. A big thank you to Martha for getting them all here to the hospital and back… It was very nice to see them here today and they were so kind of them to bring lunch. After Audrey was tuckered out and was ready to go back for her nap, Mom and Keegan made a break for the play room. It turns out today that Infectious Disease would like to run additional cultures on certain suspected test that have already come back negative. This is an attempt to be doubly sure that we haven’t missed an infection. The problem with the procedure for running these tests is that Keegan must remain in his room until the test come back in a few days… Maddie and I had hoped we had this behind us because we were ready to let Keegan burn off some additional energy in the garden or with new toys in the playroom.

After our playroom adventure, Keegan was too tuckered out. The decision was made earlier in the day to transfuse two units of blood because his counts were beginning to get low and they wanted to make sure he was in a better place for Friday’s testing. We pretty much ended the day with the transfusion. That seemed to go pretty well.

We were lucky and blessed to have a few other visitors today. Paula Pruett was nice enough to drop by to visit with Maddie and bring a surprise for Keegan. My mother, Linda, stopped by as well to see Keegan and brought Keegan a new Cars toy… I know Keegan will have a good time with that. Chris Kent came by today and spent sometime catching up. He was nice enough to also come with dinner as well… Just some fixin’s he whipped up for dinner. Good stuff, thank you Chris. Sean Cates also stopped by the hospital on his way back from work… it was good, as always, to catch up with Sean. He looked good in his suit… glad to see him doing well. Keep his wife Chelle and their son Carter in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Their son is going in for a procedure at Boston Children’s. It has been planned for a while and we will keep our prayers focused so it all goes well.

I’m going to sign out now because it is getting late… Hope you enjoyed the post… If you didn’t… well, Maddie will be back soon. In the meantime here are some pictures from today. Enjoy.

Nothing like a little music therapy... always popular with this three year old.

They do love their mom... do they ever!

These two definately share a common love for Apple products... and each other.

Little man getting his blood products...

Blood transfussion this afternoon

In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. -Unknown

(that's for my wife... I love you)

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