Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home...for a just a bit

Keegan was discharged last night.  He is scheduled to be readmitted next Wednesday for the steroid pulse. That is, assuming that Keegan makes it that long.  If he spikes a fever this weekend, we are going to try to manage him at home, if at all possible.  We will have to go into the hospital for blood cultures if it spikes, but the plan is to NOT give him IV antibiotics this time and see what happens.  Unless it turns out like two weekend ago when he needed a cooling blanket and IV antibiotics, we'll ride it out here.

Frankly, I don't know what's so magically different about this weekend's fever as opposed to last weekend's fever as far as the steroid pulse goes.  I suppose that if Keegan happens to not spike a fever this weekend, we will all be more comfortable going forward.  But if he does, it will have been a wasted week in my opinion.

Keegan had some good energy spurts today, but a lot of time was spent lying on the couch.  A few of his incisions are having difficulty healing.  He is sore in a lot of places.  I like to think he enjoyed being in his own bed and playing with his sister today.  We sure loved getting to snuggle with them both at bedtime today.

Thank you again for your prayers.  Tomorrow's Thursday...."fever day".  Here's praying that this time is different!

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Cody said...

Thanks Maddie ... crossing our fingers for a NO FEVER weekend. Prayers continue to come your way.
Love - Cody,Gary & Griff