Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It was a very long day with a lot of information to process.  The team kinda wanted to keep him another day, but we decided to come home tonight.  Even though it was another rush-hour discharge that brought us home right before bedtime.

Keegan's heart function is stable - no improvement, no change.  We'll take it.  Repeat the echo in 2 weeks.  Got more information about Keegan's GI problems.  Interesting.  Lots to process there.  Started a new treatment for the "mystery wound" to be followed up on Friday in clinic.  No drainage really from the port, although we did have to do a last minute needle change right at bedtime because the hub on the line somehow came off during the day.  Sheesh.

I will update with more information soon.  I promise.  Lots to think about and research.  Lots left to do tonight.  And one whopper of a headache.  I apologize for the shorthand tonight.  We are very thankful for your prayers as we continue to make the best decisions we possibly can for our Bug.


scrippe1 said...

Glad you guys are home. Hopefully all of you can get a good nights sleep.

The McPhersons said...

Continued love and guidance from your faith in god - I really hope you can feel his love in your time of need! I'm praying for all of you! Love you!