Saturday, May 7, 2011

Still Here

Keegan is still inpatient.  We were able to get his port working last night after busting out a clot that was in there, likely from all the bleeding.  That allowed us to use it to run his TPN overnight, but it didn't address the bleeding issues he was having when nothing was running through the line, i.e. when his TPN was done for a few hours.  So, the decision was to stay inpatient tonight and see what happened after his TPN was done at 4pm. 

We were told to let him act as normally as he would during the day to recreate the situation of the last several days.  That was the easy part!  There was a mistake in the lab, and his blood levels weren't checked today.  His color wasn't too good, but his energy levels were back to normal.  By bedtime, there wasn't a ton of blood in the dressing, but there was blood halfway down the line of the extension where the needle was.  It still flushes and draws back fine though.  So, we're running his TPN again tonight, and we will call the trusty hem/onc nurses for some advice in the morning.  Then, we'll decide what to do from there. 

On a positive note, we heard an interesting theory today that makes me even more anxious to get his full biopsy results back!  It sure sounds promising, but I never keep my hopes up for long on that end.  Too much disappointment.

While we were trying to keep Kegan entertained and running around, we enjoyed some sunshine outside in his favorite part of the garden.

Meanwhile, Audrey enjoyed the first dip in the pool of the season.  Shhh!  Don't tell Keegan!

So, one more day down.  Not the way I wanted to spend my Mother's Day (or my mom's birthday that happens to be tomorrow too!), but it's really just another day anyway.  Hopefully, we will be home by late afternoon tomorrow.  Thanks again for continuing to faithfully lift Keegan up in prayer.  We are humbled by your support for our Bug.

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