Monday, May 16, 2011


Keegan will have a PICC line placed tomorrow morning.  This is a more temporary central line that will come out Keegan's arm.  It is placed via the interventional radiology team, not surgery.  It will require anesthesia however (I believe this will be the 35th time for him but not exactly sure).  Keegan does not have a good history with PICCs.  Neither of his previous PICC lines have lasted longer than a week, and that was before he could walk independently!  Needless to say, I'm not very confident that this will provide his port with the break that it obviously needs.

We accessed his port last Thursday night, and we had to replace the dressing due to bleeding yesterday.  This evening, it already looked like this.

Seriously?!  I have no other words.  Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe my feelings at this point.  We obviously need to try a PICC and give the site around his port some time to heal.  I just pray this is the answer we are seeking.  His transplant team  thought we should use the next two weeks to try to troubleshoot this line problem before we start the GVH treatment.  I just hope we can find an answer for him.  He is going to need central access for quite some time, so we have to keep trying.

Other than having a really bad day from a GI standpoint, Keegan seems to be feeling better from whatever virus he had.  We will check in at the hospital tomorrow morning at 9am and are hoping to be home by late afternoon.  After that, I'm praying we are home for the next 12 days before starting the steroid pulse.  Not much else to say tonight.  Thank you for prayer tomorrow.  We will let you know how it goes!

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