Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

A week ago, the "Easter Bunny" (aka Aunt Alex, who graciously borrowed a costume and played along) came to dye Easter eggs with Keegan. 

Very excited to make the dye...after that, things got a little dicey.

Ready to help decorate after calming down a bit.

Audrey says, "Hey, I think I like the Easter Bunny.  She's pretty cool!"

Go on, admit it.  You're super jealous of our uber-egg-decorating skills.

Having fun with Pops on Saturday before Easter.

Fun times with the family, including Great Aunt Keva and Oma.

Posing in their matching outfits with Daddy

The Easter Bunny must have thought Keegan's future was shades in the basket on Easter morning.

"I told you that Bunny was cool!  Look at all my loot!"

All dressed up for Easter Sunday.
We weren't able to attend Mass due to Keegan's health, but we had a lovely day anyway.


With Mamie & BD

Let the hunt begin!

"Hey Poppy!  You see any eggs over there?"

Don't go to the eggs.  Make the eggs come to YOU.

Hunting for eggs can be so frustrating!


Aunt Alex and the Ladybug

"Helping" Mama get all the confetti from the cascarones out of her hair.  Gee, thanks.
Evaluating his loot.
It's tough stuff coming up with things to put in the eggs when you can't eat candy!

We hope you each had a very blessed Easter.
Rejoice!  He is Risen!

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