Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Recent photos of K & A... These two have tolerated "lock-down" so well together.  I hope it is just a small glimpse of their future bond as siblings.

Watching these two play together makes my heart smile like nothing else in this world.

You know it's love when you let your little sister play with Buzz and Tato.

There's nothing Audrey loves more than being the one to wake Keegan up in the morning.  Correction...there's nothing Audrey loves more than pulling on the tubing from Keegan's various bags hanging from his IV pole in the morning.  When I took the pole away from her this morning, she decided to hang from the guardrail.

Keegan couldn't resist joining her.  (For the record, this is the gesture we get most often when asking Keegan to "smile for the camera".  Any ideas as to what it is would be appreciated!)

A much better way to start the day!

Keegan taking "pictures" with his old hand-me-down 35mm camera of me taking pictures of him.
(There is film still in that camera, and I'm dying to know what's on it.  The battery is dead, and I am struggling trying to decide whether I should go seek out the specialty battery to retrieve them.)

Audrey thought she was the coolest sister in the world when Keegan let her play in his ball tent.

Aunt Alex's friend had some little chicks at her house, and we brought Keegan over to meet them.  His interest lasted a few seconds, but it was a great opportunity nonetheless.

Audrey was so very gentle with the chicks.  Thanks, Monica, for letting us visit.


Cody said...

Love these ... it must warm your heart to see them playing together. So nice of Auntie Alex to arrange the chick visit.

Monica said...

It was wonderful to have y'all over! Hope we can get together again soon!