Monday, March 28, 2011

Heart Walk

Information from Aunt Alex on our team, K's for Keegan, for Keep the Beat, the 1st annual It's My Heart walk to raise awareness and funds for congenital heart defects:

Hello Friends,

It’s My Heart is a non-profit organization created to provide support to and advocating for those affected by Acquired and Congenital Heart Defects. Through awareness, resources and education, It’s My Heart creates alliances and networks among families, groups, hospitals, and the community.

Lake Dallas High School is hosting a 5K on Saturday, April 2, to raise money for It’s My Heart. My family and I aren’t going to be able to walk the event, but we formed a team of "cyber walkers". This basically means we register for the race and can fundraise, but our shirts will be mailed to me. I would then, obviously, forward them on to each of you.  You can help in one of three ways:

1.  If you want to cyber walk, you can sign up under our team, K’s for Keegan.  You can register online with our team as a regular walker HERE.  Then, be sure to email me at to let me know you registered as a cyber walker and with your tshirt size.  I will let the race contact know to send me your t-shirt.  Please note that there is no actual option to "cyber walk".  The race administrators are doing this just for us.  You will be registering as a walk participant online, and then, we will forward our list of cyber walkers to them.  **Great idea from our friend, Lauren: Register as a cyber-walker, then go out and walk 3 miles in Keegan's honor on Saturday morning wherever you might be! 

2.  You can also just donate to our team. Click HERE to make a general team donation that will go towards reserach for congenital heart defects and support for children battling them.

3.  Go get some exercise and actually WALK the 5K!  We hope that maybe by next year, Keegan will be well enough to come out, so we can have a real team of walkers.  Again, you can register online via the same link above.  And please do let us know if you are going to walk! 

We've barely even started fundraising, and we're already the second biggest team!  You can help make a difference!  As always, my family greatly appreciates all the support you have shown Keegan and us! Please feel free to email us or call with any questions you might have.  Let's log some K's for Keegan!!

Thanks again,

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Texas Transplant said...

Dear Keegan,

I didn't really feel like getting out of bed to run 3 miles this morning. I felt sluggish and tired and the coffee I was sipping in between sleep breaks wasn't doing much good. I seriously considered just staying there, warm and cozy, and messing around on the internet until I had to go to work. But then I thought about how much you and your family go through every day that you don't really feel like doing, or taking care of, or being part of when you would so much rather just be at home, snuggled up on your couch and suddenly my desire to stay in bed and not run a measly three miles seemed insignificant and lame. So I got out of bed. And I put on my shoes. And I thought about you. And I ran. And I felt better. I hope you feel better today too, because I only feel better thanks to you. Lo.