Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Force is with him

Keegan perked up for a bit this afternoon.  He colored, played with some cars, and played a memory game on the phone.  It wasn't too long of a run, but it was nice to see.  I think the fever breaking really helped.

Unfortunately, his little energy spurt was about the only good thing.  He continued to not have any urine output at all throughout the day and got really puffy again.  Right now, we think it is a different type of swelling called "third-spacing".  Fluid has leaked out of his veins and cells and into surrounding tissue.  We are running another infusion of albumin and IV lasix right now, hoping to pull that fluid back into the veins and that his kidney will wake up and drain it off.  He is still draining blood from his g-tube, and his blood counts aren't great.  He is on 24 hours of lipids and TPN (IV nutrition) again.  We're hopeful that getting some nutrition in him will help his bone marrow perk back up.  I doubt I have to note that the GI output is beyond horrible, but at least he's not throwing up anymore.

In worse news, Gray is now sick.  We were really hoping that the rest of the family would get lucky and stay healthy.  Gray went home this afternoon, so it's just me for awhile.  We're praying Gray can fight this quickly.  It's always better to have both parents here.  There's no opportunity for breaks when you're by yourself.  It's hard enough to entertain a kid stuck in bed and on contact isolation all day with two...nearly impossible with one.  I'm sorta hoping Keegan's energy doesn't come back in full force until Gray is well again!  And in case you were wondering, Audrey is still doing fine.  This virus has a 2-day incubation period, and she hasn't been around Keegan since Wednesday.  That should mean she dodged the bullet, although stranger things have happened in this family.

On a fun note, right when Keegan was at the tail end of his little energy spurt this afternoon, he had a surprise visit from some special dudes who came a very long way to meet him:

"Um, Mom? I know I'm on neutropenic and contact isolation, but this is taking it to a new extreme."
(I apologize to those of you non-medical peeps reading this blog who don't get the humor of that caption!)

First Tony Romo, and now Darth Vader.  The power of Keegan's "touchdown"!

One day, he'll look back on these photos and get it.  He might even find it cool or amusing, but today, he just found their visit exhausting.  That's okay though.  We are always so grateful for any group that takes the time to come visit the kids.  I'm sure it made some little preteen boy's day somewhere in the hospital!


Kelley Loredo said...

I'm tearing-up and giggling all at the same time... I'm not sure that we know who the Star Wars crew is at 3, but that is hilarious! What a fun treat - if even just for you and Gray;) Praying he is better soon, too!

Stacie said...

Yes, precautions to a whole new level. Ha ha!! Love it.

Praying for a quicker recovery than expected. Hang in there!

Much love,
Stacie Smith