Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 9

By the end of today, Keegan had rolled into day 9 of this current illness (a week inpatient).  Starting off with the bad news for today.  His platelet and hemoglobin/hematocrit continued to drop today, but at least his ANC (baby white cells) were up just a touch, although he is still severely neutropenic.  The bigger problem today was again what to do with his gut and feeding him.  This morning, we agreed to trial him on half-strength elecare at the same rate of 10cc/hour.  It didn't get started until about 1pm, and it hasn't been too much worse on him than the pedialyte.  He is starting to show signs of discomfort and cramping though, so hopefully, the deluge is not about to hit. 

The most interesting thing from today was that Keegan still tested positive although he is (1) on day 9 of a virus that usually has a life span of 5 to 7 days and (2) is on day 5 of what is usually a 3-day strong anti-parasitic drug that should result in a false negative test.  A virus that, by the way, rarely rears it's ugly head until the middle of the summer.  Normally, the doctors said they wouldn't even bother to retest because of the false negative, but we didn't see a harm in sending it today.  Lo and behond, positive still.  The attending doctor came in the afternoon and it seems tomorrow is the day to start trying some of the more "creative" treatments we discussed over the weekend.  We shall see how that pans out tomorrow.  Until then, I'm praying he at least is comfortable enough over night to get some sleep.

Good news for today: Keegan's kidney is much, much happier, and so is Keegan!  He still is having two good energy spurts and shared lots of smiles.  He even walked from his bed to the bathroom for a bath today. 

Why did he need a bath?  Oh, just because of this...
Fingerpainting in bed.  One of the extremely few perks of being in the hospital!

He was painting this bird house and kept dumping more and more paint one one side.
A swimming pool for the birds, perhaps?

 I have paint where?

Good thing Mama didn't have to wash any of that stuff!

The aftermath. 

We pretty much only agreed to this because it was that time of week where we had to pull the needle from Keegan's port and reaccess him, which gave us a very short window to give him a much needed bath.  That was one big morning between crafts, bathtime, and a dressing change, so much of the rest of the day looked like this:

Thanks once again for your daily support and uplifting prayers for our little family and our sweet Bug.  Most of the family has recovered from the tummy madness, and our pediatrician thinks Audrey is just working on two brand-new, sparkly upper teeth.  More tomorrow.  Time for this Mama to get a few minutes of sleep before midnight vitals and meds! 

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Jennifer said...

You guys have been on my mind and in my heart! So glad to see your sweet Bug smile!!!! :) And how great for him to paint and you not have to worry about the mess!!