Sunday, March 6, 2011

9 Months

Look who is already 9 months old!

I honestly can't believe that my little girl is going to be a year old in just 3 short months.

Audrey is such a fun, easy-going, little girl.  She reminds me so much of Keegan at this age.  Every day is an adventure to her, even though most of them are just spent at home or the hospital.  She loves Keegan's nurses in the clinic and at home, and they just adore her too.  Never a shortage of those who want to play and cuddle with her!

I love watching her learn, seeing her figure things out on her own.  Audrey wants to crawl so badly, and I can tell she will figure it out soon.  She gets just about anywhere she needs to go by sliding backwards on her tummy or scootching around on her booty.  Audrey can get up to a sit from her tummy or her back almost all the time.  She babbles all day long (Bubba and DaDa are new favorites, although Mama has snuck in there a few times).  She loves to give hugs and kisses, jump in her jumperoo, take "airplane" and laundry basket rides, and play with any toy that is not hers.

But the one that can make her smile the most is still her big brother.  Keegan can make Audrey laugh, smile, or just calm down simply by walking in the room.  Her favorite time of day is absolutely bath time.  She splashes with Keegan, watches every move he makes, and watch out if you try to take the sugar shaker from her bathtime tea set from her!

Nine months ago, I was so worried about how a little girl would adjust to such a crazy family, but Audrey has truly showed us how to weather a storm.  She has brought more smiles and laughter to our lives, and she brings a bit of normalcy that we so desperately needed.  I hate that at her age, she already has to live a sheltered life to protect her brother.  No play dates, no Mother's Day Out, no runing errands or lunches out.  But I pray that our family is stronger because of it.  I know that we are more sane with this little beauty in our lives. We love you, Ladybug, and we are so happy to call you ours.


Cody said...

Ladybug is so precious & adorable. Maddie if you ever wonder what you looked like as a baby, you're looking at it!

Becky Cudlipp said...

She is adorable!

Ashley & Chuck said...

She is just gorgeous!!