Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's/Donor Day!

Today is Valentine's day.  That is true, and we hope that you are able to celebrate with your loved ones.  Our hearts belong to these two (no matter how uncooperative they are to getting their picture taken together these days), and we were so happy for another day at home together as a family.

More importantly though, today is National Donor Day, recognizing organ donors nationwide, but we honor the one who means the most to us...

Sweet Johnston, we love you and are so grateful for your life and love that lives on in Keegan. 

This one amazing little boy and his family have touched so many more lives than just ours.  Kevin and LaMonica's gift of Johnston's heart to Keegan at their time of utmost grief has radiated hope and life to countless other people, like the ripples of single stone tossed in the water.  Johnston's life may have been brief, but his impact, love, and legacy lives on every day in the hearts of his family and ours and literally inside Keegan.  What a special angel the world was blessed with in him.

Did you know that you have the power to save lives too?
  • Register to be an organ donor today in your state's official registry.  It takes about 90 seconds by going to  This will ensure your wishes are honored, but you still should take the time to inform your family and friends of your choice.  It's not a fun conversation to have, but neither is the one between a doctor and family telling them a loved one is desperate need of a new organ. 
  • Register to be a bone marrow donor by visiting  It's just a simple cheek swab.  You can either have a kit mailed to you or find a local place to be tested.  In north Texas, you can drop into any Carter Blood Care facility.
  • Give blood whenever you can.  One donation can save up to 4 lives! 
We hope you'll join us in honoring Johnston and all the others out there who have given the ultimate gift. 

Happy Valentine's/Donor Day!

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Stacie said...

I have absolutely loved the educational posts you have written recently. Thanks for sharing with the rest of Bloggyland. What a difference you are making! God bless you, friend!

Much love,
Stacie Smith