Friday, January 28, 2011


Keegan does have the flu.  He is being transported by ambulance to the main campus of Children's downtown, but he will have to wait in the ER until a bed is available.  He is in an immense amount of pain though that does not seem like it would be flu related.  They are having trouble getting a scan of his abdomen or anything else because he is locked in a little ball or fighting.  The doctors were still concerned about the bruise where the catheter for his port is tunnelled into his chest.  All of these things can be better handled downtown, including if he starts to become more symptomatic from the actual flu.  His labs came back showing his kidney function is creeping back the wrong direction since Monday, and his white blood cell count (infection fighters) has not risen to what you would expect to see in someone fighting the flu.  This isn't wholly surprising with Keegan, but it is still concerning.  His bone marrow has a tendency to tank when he has an infection, rather than mount a response.

Gray, my parents, and hopefully my in-laws too, have started taking Tamiflu as a precaution.  Audrey woke up a bit fussy from her afternoon nap, but my mom said she seems fine now.  She happens to be pushing her first two teeth out right now, but we are not out of the woods with her yet being exposed to this.  Obviously this is a strain that was not in the flu vaccine because all four of us received our shots, even Audrey.  She can't have the antiviral Tamiflu until age 1, so if she gets it, it could also be very bad. 

I thought my temperature hadn't gone up since 3pm, but of course, it's starting to creep back up.  If it breaks by tonight and stays gone, I might be able to go back to the hospital by Sunday.  I don't think I can even put into words how much it hurts not to be able to be there for him.  To know that I put him in such danger and pain.  We try so hard to protect him and keep him safe, and I have let him down. 

Please, please keep praying for him.  I hope that we have caught it early enough to keep it from becoming too bad.  He is in the best possible place right now.  I just wish I could be there with him and Gray right now.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  We will update as we know more.


Anonymous said...

Always praying hope you feel better soon so you can be with K and daddy and that sweet little Audrey doesn't get wick. Love you all. Cindy

Ashley & Chuck said...

I just feel terrible about your situation. I'm praying without ceasing for Keegan and the rest of you. I hope your fever breaks soon and that no one else gets sick. We love you all!

Jennifer Hames said...

Thinking of you guys in North Carolina. I have been reading your postings since Keegan's birth after meeting your cousin Brittany at a legal convention.

My husband was a pediatric renal transplant patient. His creatinine always spiked when he would have the flu and then return to it's usual level (pre and post transplant).

Hope you get good news soon.

Becky Cudlipp said...

Praying for Keegan and your family. Please don't blame yourself for getting the flu and/or transmitting it to him. I know SO MANY people who have gotten the flu just within the last week or so, despite getting the flu vaccine. There is nothing else you could have done. I hope your fever breaks soon, and I'm sure Keegan will be in good hands!

Kira Willingham said...

Praying for Keegan and your entire family. I am in San Antonio. I read your blog by way of Kelley Loredo's blog and have been praying for your precious family for sometime now.