Friday, January 21, 2011

The Good Stuff

I know I promised an update on a few days ago.  But I just can't wrap my brain around it tonight, and for that, I apologize.  Instead, I feel like posting some of the "good stuff." 

I'm sure you'll forgive me.  ;)

Miss Audrey is already 7 1/2 months old!  Eek!  She is still a happy gal most of the time.  She is a little thing, weighing in at about 15 pounds still, even though she eats pretty well. 

This is her new favorite activity.  She gets so absolutely giddy when she's standing.  We prop her up at the table with someone to "spot" her, and she'll entertain herself for a good 5 minutes.  If she could talk, she'd be yelling (which she's pretty good at already), "oh yeah, look at me!  I'm standing!  Yeah!" 

Audrey takes 4 bottles a day, between 4 and 8 ounces each.  She is eating two meals at the table a day.  Breakfast is not an easy time at our house, as most of Keegan's appointments are during that time frame.  I am still making her baby food in my little baby food cooker.  I get kinda giddy making the food for her and seeing her actually EAT it!!  (Such a change for a child of mine, but hey, I'm not pointing any fingers...)  She likes just about everything so far.  She had asparagus tonight!  Her favorite finger food is far and away Magic Pops, a rice cake thingy I get at Central Market. 

Audrey can do a 360 degree turn on her tummy, inch forward just a bit, and push herself backwards clear across the room on her tummy.  Although, she is not a fan of rolling over still.  This child has abs of steel though and if she is slightly supported, say laying on her back on a pillow, will crunch straight up into a sitting position.  I guess I need to take some ab/core lessons from my infant daughter...

Today, she scooted forward about 2 1/2 feet while sitting up.  I had heard tale of other children being "boot-scooters", and now, I can say I have seen it with my own eyes.  Let me say for the record that at this point in time, I am SO not ready to have 2 mobile children in this house! 

Audrey still thinks it's pretty funny to start "talking" at the top of her lungs or screaming around 4am.  We were so strict about not bringing Keegan in our bed, that I feel so terrible giving in to her just to get a few extra moments of rest.  We probably would have been strict with our first-born, even if he hadn't been connected by 2 or more lines to an IV pole while sleeping most of his life.  The second child though has the capacity to wake the first child if allowed to "cry it out."  Therein, lies the problem.  Let's just hope we can break her of this before it becomes a habit.  ( I hear snickering out there??...)
This one is so much more difficult to photograph these days, so there are less of him to post!  He is still his same ol' goofy and happy self, even if most of his days are spent playing at home with me and Audrey.  He is "talking" up a storm, although we can only understand about 20% of it.  His newest is to give you hugs or ask for hugs, and when you do, he will step back and say, "Tank you, Mama!"  Heart of gold, that one.

Other lines recently overheard:
"Hmm, I wonder..." - when asked how many beads were on a string
"Ok, boss!" 
"You got me!" - as he tackles you from behind
"Oh, Aw-duh-wee" - that would be his little sister
"So mab-a-wus" - Actually marvelous, picked up from the theme to Curious George
And singing so much more too!  Favorites include the Happy Birthday song, the Hello song from school, "Hot Dog" from Mickey Mouse, and the theme song to Chuggington (a cartoon about trains on Disney)

He is growing and learning every day, despite this becoming a more common sight in our house.

I will update all about his current health status this weekend.  He is scheduled for his big kidney test on Monday, so I will explain more about that in the next post too.

I'm much to want most days to think about the trials and stresses in our lives right now, but at the end of the day, these two are really are so much more a blessing than I deserve.  But I think I can go to bed a little easier tonight just by looking at these two cuties and thinking about how much fun they really are. 
Hope you can too! 

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Ashley & Chuck said...

Audrey seems so grown and that she is well advanced! She is pretty! I love Keeg's monkey outfit too! I'll be praying for his big kidney test on Monday. Love you all!