Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday morning

Very quickly..
Keegan's mood is much better this morning, and some of his energy has returned.  He's been sitting up a bit more today and talking a bit more.  All things we love to see!

We had to stop his tube feeds in the middle of the night because he had gotten too fluid positive.  We can correct this with dialysis, but it is frustrating that we can't give him even that small bit of satiation from the pedialyte.  Hopefully, we can find his happy place with the dialysis and allow him to restart that soon.

There was talk this morning of going to the recovery floor, but now, Keegan's labs are taking a strange turn.  We are running more labs and calling his hematologist.  I'll explain more about that later, but it looks like at least one more day in the ICU.

A few pictures to share of the sweet cards from Keegan's sweet, sweet friends and schoolmates!  I have to say that when I ran home in the middle of the night for a shower and fresh clothes and found these on our doorstep, it was pretty hard to keep it in.  How blessed Keegan is to have such wonderful friends.  Thank you for keeping Keegan lifted up in prayer.  It gets us through the will seeing these encouraging cards from his friends every day. 
The card from school

From Lainey

From Gage & Ainsley...they and Lainey (above) cut out pictures of some of the toys they thought Keegan would like to play with when he gets home.  Cuteness!

More later as the day progresss...thanks again.

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We are thinking about you and sending good vibes your way!
Marisa and Allan