Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, turns out Tuesdays aren't much better than Mondays sometimes, but it's over now.  Not everything went according to plan today.  Although, some very big progress was certainly made.
Keegan successfully went into surgery this afternoon.  They removed his dialysis catheter and replaced his central broviac line wih a port. 
The bleeding from the line incision has still not stopped, and as you can tell, he is pretty pale.
We would not be surprised if his anemia took a hit today.  It will be checked in the morning.

Considering the fact that the catheter for dialysis is now gone, the machine was ceremoniously removed from Keegan's room today.  Whew! 
Thanks for your help, Clara!

Well, I guess it isn't progress from a medical standpoint, but...
Keegan's visit with Tony Romo was front page news on the internal Daily Briefing for staff today.
He also made the Children's Facebook page.
And the nurse from cardiac that is leading the project of patient photos on the inpatient unit has already asked for a copy to put it up there!  Thanks, Staci.

So, we did not make it to the cardiac or GI floor today.  We should hopefully make that move tomorrow.  His remaining renal issues can be handled by the consult service until we can meet with our normal nephrologist on an outpatient basis.  Now, we have to once again tackle Keegan's GI issues.  The plan is to slowly work his tube feeds back up and work the TPN back down.  Our sincere hope is that he will get back to his version of normal once he is back up on full tube feeds by the beginning of next week and won't need the TPN anymore.  That will require him tolerating the feeds and actually seeing an improvement in his GI symptoms.  We are hoping that all starts to fall into place with the other issues off the table for the time being.  We will update tomorrow with more information as we have it.  Thanks so much for your prayers today.  We absolutely felt them.

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Kelley Loredo said...

Precious Angel...so glad surgery went well and praying the anemia is in control in the morning. Crossing our fingers about the move tomorrow!